We had the chance to speak with Oriane Kerléguer, head of the Paris-Dauphine Incubator and also an entrepreneur.

Hello Oriane, could you tell us who you are?

My name is Oriane, I am 30 years old and I am responsible for the Paris-Dauphine Incubator . I am Parisian. I was born and raised in Paris!

What is your background in a few sentences?

After the baccalaureate, I joined the University of Paris-Daupine where I completed all my studies with an exchange in Canada! In my final year of studies, I met the person who would be my future partner: Clément. One day he was trying to give me the keys to his apartment but I wasn't available. This is where the idea for my company, ProximiKeys , came from: a relay business for keys. I decided to continue with a master's degree specialized in entrepreneurship (ESSEC and Centrale) , work-study in my own company, which allowed me to develop it. What followed was the entire “classic” path of entrepreneurship: fundraising, development, etc. And finally, I wanted to go to the “other side”, to support entrepreneurs, which led me to the position of Incubator Manager.

What do you like most in your daily life?

Every day is different. With more than 40 companies to support on a daily basis, you never get bored. We meet a multitude of people, at very varied levels, it's very motivating.

The quote that accompanies you every day?

I have one that I say all the time “we have all of death to sleep with”. You have to enjoy life to the fullest and live it with fun.

What would you recommend to young women who are launching into entrepreneurship or the world of work?

You have to dare. Women dare less and tend to underestimate themselves. We tend to sell ourselves at the "right price", we have to manage to overestimate ourselves to get what we really want, which men do very well!

The advice you received that you use every day?

There is one that stood out to me: optimize your time. Time never comes back. It's the most important thing you can give to someone, in fact in "important" there is "time". I recommend the book “the 25th hour” on this subject, very interesting!

What does fashion represent to you?

Something fun. An artistic thing. Even if I'm not the most knowledgeable person on the subject, it's a way to gain self-confidence. It's stupid, but when I wear heels, I feel like I'm gaining height, when I'm wearing a blazer or a suit, I feel like I'm getting into my character better. Sometimes I dress according to the image I want to project and this allows me to “choose my energy”.

And finally, do you have a little address to give us for the Parisians who will read us?

I have one, really feel good. The tradition on each of my birthdays. Such a nice little canteen called Guo Xin . The best ravioli and sautéed eggplant I have ever tasted.

We tend to sell ourselves at the "right price", we have to manage to overestimate ourselves to get what we really want, which men do very well!
— Oriane Kerléguer