Giving pleasure should be a pleasure, right? However, it is not always simple. Christmas is fast approaching and to save you from running around town on December 23, between two orders of frozen logs we have put together a little guide to gifts that will please the women in your life.


Giving a piece of jewelry is always a good idea. Yes, but what to choose? A ring is complex, you have to know the sizes. Earrings ? You have to be sure that Madame can wear them. A necklace ? It's not really original.

And why not a brooch? You will find many articles that will explain to you why choose this type of jewelry. For example, here.

The brooch, the perfect piece of jewelry to offer

  • A brooch is a versatile piece of jewelry: it can be worn in multiple ways, in summer and winter (on a coat, on a shirt collar, on a sweater).
  • A brooch is an elegant piece of jewelry: the brooch stands out for its delicacy and finesse. It is not for nothing that it is adopted by all the great women of this world.
  • A brooch brings joy: brooches are often colorful jewelry that allow you to personalize and brighten up an outfit.
  • A brooch is a timeless object: the its girls of the moment are honoring their mother's or grandmother's brooches. It's a jewel that never goes out of style!

Why choose an Aéle Paris brooch

Aéle brooches are special, and they will make people happy this year!

  • Our brooches are handmade, each brooch is unique. They bear witness to ancestral know-how and carry history.
  • Our brooches are precious, made from quality materials, they will be passed down from generation to generation.
  • The designs of our brooches are often inspired by flora and fauna. Their symbolic aspect often makes you smile.

Little secret: for the purchase of three embroidered brooches, we offer you a 10% discount with the code COFFRETBROCHES.

Discover our collection of embroidered brooches

Find our entire range of embroidered brooches here.



The hat is the essential headgear, especially during this period. It allows us to be warm. There are a multitude of hats but be careful, if you want a hat that keeps its promises (to be comfortable and warm), you will have to be careful about the materials it is made from.

Materials to prioritize

We recommend that you opt for a hat made of merino wool, alpaca wool or cashmere; in short, opt for natural materials which, in addition to being extremely soft, provide ideal protection against the cold.

The personalized hat

You have found your perfect basic, what if you now personalized it to suit the person you want to give it to?

This is the experience that we offer you at Aéle Paris.

  1. You choose your Beanie model. Our beanies are made from merino wool and cashmere , so they are super soft. They are REALLY warm thanks to their double hem and special knitting technique.
  2. You choose the embroidered brooch that will please the chosen hour the most.
  3. You get an ultra-luxury and 100% personalized beanie.
  4. We deliver to you quickly (and free for delivery in France).

Little secret: for the purchase of a hat and a brooch we offer you a 10% discount with the code COFFRETBEANIE.

Discover the compositions that you like the most

unique hat luxury gift woman gift embroidered brooch


The hat, a not-so-accessory accessory. The hat is a piece with multiple advantages: timeless, practical, protective, elegant... We could write for a long time on this subject. A well-chosen hat is a guaranteed WOW gift. Besides, don't you think that the hat is an accessory that gives you a crazy look?

Contrary to popular belief, certain hats suit ALL face shapes. This is the case with our Feddie and we tell you about it here.

Why choose an Aéle hat

  • We offer a unique model, the Feddie, on which we worked for more than 8 months so that it corresponds to all face shapes and is of the highest quality.
  • It is made of 100% wool felt, RWS and Museling Free certified. A wool that respects animals and biodiversity.
  • It has a cupro lining, so it is suitable for the most sensitive scalps.
  • It is ultra-luxury, with its precious finishes, such as a woven Jacquard braid, its woven labels, etc.
  • It is customizable, with all our ornamental ribbons and all our embroidered brooches . We worked with felt on purpose.
  • It is water-resistant and will not deform in case of light rain.

Ideas for creating hats for Christmas

personalized luxury hat ideal gift

We hope you liked this guide and that you will find what you are looking for. Have a great holiday!

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