From a family recipe to making hundreds of cookies for Hermès, discover Lorna's story. This young entrepreneur founded Lorelle with her sister, Ethel.

A brand of ultra-gourmet and frozen cookies (yes, it's possible).

Lorell | @lorellecheztoi

Hello Lorna, could you tell us who you are?

My name is Lorna Bismuth, I am 23 years old and I co-founded with my big sister Ethel a cookie brand, Lorelle, in February 2022.

Your journey in a few sentences?

I first completed a bachelor's degree in financial management at Panthéon-Sorbonne University then a master's degree in management at Dauphine, with a specialty in entrepreneurship. Besides, I devoted my gap year to the development of Lorelle. Ultimately, I chose to focus on Lorelle.

What pushed you to get started?

My first experience in entrepreneurship dates back to 2019 when I founded a brand of removable hoods. Unfortunately, I was not able to continue on this project for various reasons, notably my studies, but I really enjoyed entrepreneurship. Then my sister and I came up with the idea of ​​frozen cookies. She always made me this recipe. The cookie for me is a moment of pleasure and sharing, so when she got married and left home, we thought of a system so that I could always have some available. We tested the frozen cookies with our circle of friends who loved the concept and lo and behold, Lorelle was born like that with a freezer and a Deliveroo account.

What do you like most in your daily life?

The diversity ! I never get bored. I meet new people every day, in various fields and I learn something every day.

The quote that accompanies you every day?

I read a sentence a few months after launching Lorelle: “Success is the result of small efforts repeated day after day. » I love this sentence. Sometimes we feel like we're not moving forward, like we can't see the end of the tunnel, and then one day we start to see the results of repeated efforts. Without work, success does not exist. It's 90% work and 10% opportunity. You have to know how to be persistent and not give up.

What do you recommend to women who want to launch into entrepreneurship?

You have to know how to surround yourself. It's hard to be alone on a daily basis so you have to knock on all the doors, dare, not be ashamed of not knowing how to do everything alone, you have to know how to delegate. It goes much faster than doing everything alone.

What advice does you use the most?

I'm quite stressed and anxious and recently I was told that anticipating a problem is experiencing it twice. So I try not to think about negative responses before they arrive, because we often have good surprises.

What does fashion represent to you?

A way to express my personality, my mood. A way of
gain confidence in myself.

Your fashion tip for having self-confidence?

To be comfortable. If I'm not comfortable I don't feel
beautiful or good. For example, my favorite outfit is very wide pants for
be free, in a beautiful material, with a t-shirt. Simple and efficient.

Do you have a Parisian address to share with us?

It's classic but the steps of Montmartre. There is always a special atmosphere with singers and then a sublime view of Paris!

"You shouldn't be ashamed of not doing everything alone. You need to know how to surround yourself and delegate in order to move forward better."
— Lorna Bismuth