You have probably noticed, but spring is not yet well established. Drops and rises in temperature can play tricks on us. To avoid catching a cold, we have put together some look ideas for you to be the most stylish when the weather is between 15 and 20 degrees.

Casual chic.

A look that can be worn at the office or in the city. A comfortable look, in which you feel good.
Well-cut jeans, a quality shirt, a colorful knitted bomber jacket, vibrant accessories. We can't get enough of this look.
The 15 degree option? Add a pastel stole and knee-high cashmere socks.
Hat: Aéle Paris
Knit bomber: Ivko
Shirt: Seidensticker
Jean: Atelier Tuffery
Bag: Weekend Max Mara
Shoes: Ladybug

Friday evening restaurant.

A chic look and a duo of colors that we love: camel and lavender. With a few pops of beige and green, this colorful look is perfect for warming up gray skies.
The 15 degree option? Add technical underwear with a high collar in the same shade as the pants under your top and high cashmere socks.
Hat: Aéle Paris
Coat: Anine Bing
Top: Cécile Bahnsen
Pants: ADN Paris
Bag: Ssense
Shoes: Balagan

A day at the office.

Who says pro doesn't necessarily mean sleep. No more boring looks, we warm up the temperatures by bringing color and softness. And for that, what's better than pink?
With this look, you will definitely be the most stylish at the open office.
The 15 degree option? Add a knitted cardigan.
Hat: Aéle Paris
Coat: Tara Jarmon
Blouse: The Double J
Pants: Hugo Boss
Bag: Cahu
Shoes: Fabio Rusconi

Lunch and sunshine.

Is the sun coming out? Quickly, on the terrace! This camel look energized by touches of blue is perfect for strolling in complete elegance.
The 15 degree option? We add tights under his socks.
Hat: Aéle Paris
Cardigan: Dagmar
Sweater: Kujten
Skirt: Ivy Oak
Bag: Alaia
Shoes: Scarosso

May 06, 2024

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